The Best Supplements for Weight Loss


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There are many theories regarding the best methods for losing weight, including trendy diets, exercise, and supplements that make absurd claims and claim to be a miracle weight-loss supplement. We are aware that burning more calories than you consume is necessary for sustainable weight loss.

According to studies, most people will lose about one pound of weight each week if they burn 500 more calories than they consume each day. With this information, you can create a successful plan of action. The best weight-loss supplements are those that assist you in achieving the straightforward objective of burning more calories than you consume. All of the supplements on our list aim to accomplish this, so we’ve made an effort to stay away from overpromising and underdelivering ones.

You can find details on what to look for and avoid when purchasing a weight loss supplement at the end of this article. Whether you select one of the weight loss supplements on our list or not, we hope you feel more knowledgeable and prepared to do so.

As you read, keep in mind that different people’s bodies react differently to supplements. What will be the best assistance for you depends on a variety of factors, including your level of activity, age, sex, genetics, and diet. Before taking any weight-loss supplements or drastically altering your diet, it is best to always speak with a doctor or registered dietitian.

Although this information is intended to be educational, it shouldn’t be interpreted as medical advice. It is not meant to be used for medical diagnosis, prevention, or treatment. Before beginning any new dietary supplements or exercise regimen, always consult your doctor.

The Best Weight Loss Supplements in Our Picks:

  • PhenQ is the best weight-loss supplement overall.
  • Transparent Labs Rice & Pea Protein is the best plant-based protein powder for weight loss.
  • PhenQ is the best appetite suppressant.
  • XWerks Grow is the best whey protein powder for losing weight.
  • Transparent Labs Fat Burner Stim-Free is the best calorie-free fat burner.
  • Swolverine Therm is the best thermogenic for weight loss.
  • PhenQ PM is the best nighttime fat burner.
  • Transparent Labs’ BCAA Glutamine is the best for weight loss.
  • KOS Matcha Tea Powder is the best green tea weight-loss supplement.
  • Swolverine Krill Oil and Astaxanthin are the best Omega-3 Weight Loss Supplements.
  • Transparent Labs Vitamin D3+K2 is the best vitamin D for weight loss.
  • Best L-Carnitine Weight Loss Supplement: Kaged Muscle
  • Athletic greens are the best green powder for losing weight.
  • Nature’s Way Glucomannan from Konjac Root is the best glucomanic for weight loss.

PhenQ is the best weight-loss supplement overall.

PhenQ in hand_Source PhenQ



A-Lasys reset, capsimax powder, chromium picolinate, caffeine, nopal cactus, and L-carnitine fumarate are the six active ingredients in the fat burner PhenQ that work together to help your body lose weight.

The trademarked alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) mixture known as Lacys reset. According to studies, participants in weight-loss programs that included ALA (study lengths ranged from eight to 52 weeks) lost an average of three pounds more than those who participated in the same program but received a placebo. This difference was small, especially over the course of an entire year, but statistically significant. PhenQ contains 25 milligrams of a-Lacys reset, which is significantly less than the amount found in many studies, but it is still unclear how much ALA you need to see these results.

The other key ingredients in PhenQ work together to suppress your appetite to make it easier to monitor your calorie intake. Studies have shown that caffeine decreases calorie intake if consumed thirty minutes to four hours before a meal. Similarly, studies suggest capsimax powder can curb hunger while boosting your metabolism and nopal cactus fiber helps by blocking absorption of fat.

PhenQ won’t help you lose a lot of weight because it’s not some sort of magic pill. However, it might be a useful tool for your weight-loss journey.

Transparent Labs Rice & Pea Protein Powder is the best plant-based protein powder.

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Transparent Labs

It can be challenging for some vegans and vegetarians to consume enough protein, which is crucial for both weight loss and general health. According to studies, eating a protein-rich meal first thing in the morning can help you control your appetite.

Consider Transparent Labs Organic Vegan Rice & Pea Protein if keeping a vegan or vegetarian diet is crucial for your weight loss journey. This supplement, which is made entirely of plant ingredients, is intended to support muscle recovery after exercise and aid in the development of lean muscle. Each serving contains a full essential amino acid profile and 24 grams of protein.

Organic rice protein and organic pea protein isolate are the sources of the protein in this supplement. The recipe is sweetened with stevia extract and is free of sugar, soy GMOs, artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners.


Purchase organic vegan protein from Transparent Labs.

PhenQ is the best appetite suppressant for weight loss.




Although appetite suppressants aren’t a magic bullet and should be used with caution, some people find them to be effective tools for losing weight. The Cleveland Clinic reports that people lose three to nine percent of their original weight on average when they take an appetite suppressant along with a healthy diet and exercise.

We advise trying PhenQ if you believe an appetite suppressant might be beneficial for your weight loss objectives. Chromium picolinate, nopal cactus, and natural caffeine are all components of the formula to help cut down on dessert and snack cravings. Capsimax, which is effective at promoting fat loss, is also included in the formula at 50 milligrams.


Although this appetite suppressant and fat burner isn’t a cheap purchase, many users claim that the reduced snacking and increased energy it provided helped them lose weight. PhenQ might be worthwhile if you’ve tried maximizing your diet, exercise routine, and sleep patterns but haven’t succeeded in achieving your weight loss objectives.

Best Whey Protein Powder: XWerks Grow

XWerks Grow Whey Protein Isolate



XWerks Grow is a great weight loss supplement if you want to keep your muscle mass while reducing stubborn body fat.

This low-calorie protein powder has 25 grams of protein and 110 calories per serving. Additionally, it contains all nine essential amino acids (EAAs), which your body requires but cannot produce on its own to build protein.

We enjoy XWerks Grow because the whey is produced by pasture-grazed New Zealand cows that are only fed grass. As a result, the whey is free of pesticides, antibiotic, and hormones. Additionally, the whey is microfiltered to keep high-quality protein isolate while reducing lactose, carbohydrates, and fat.


For a variety of reasons, low-calorie protein powders are advantageous for weight loss. Protein keeps you at the energy levels required to maintain fat-burning workouts even when you’re eating a low-calorie diet.

Best Stim – Free Fat Burner: Transparent Labs Fat Burner Stim – Free

Transparent Labs Fat Burner Stim-Free


Transparent Labs

You’ll notice that many fat burners and other weight loss supplements include at least one stimulant like caffeine as part of the formula. That’s because stimulants give your body an energy boost that raises your heart rate and core temperature and induces thermogenesis, which can lead to fat burning.

However, stimulants aren’t for everyone. That’s why we included Transparent Labs’s stim free fat burner on our list. Transparent Labs is a supplement company that is committed to transparent labeling and rigorous testing of its supplements rather than relying on generic tests of individual ingredients.

The two ingredients that are the key to the stim – free fat burner formula are ForsLean and acetyl L – carnitine (ALC). ForsLean is a patented version of forskolin, a root that is native to southeast Asia. Studies from the U. S., Japan and India all show that 250 milligrams of ForsLean (exactly how much Transparent Labs uses) helped users reduce body fat while maintaining lean muscle.

The other key ingredient is ALC. ALC transports fatty acids to your cells to be converted to energy during oxidation. That’s a fancy way of saying it is a key player in your body’s energy production, especially when you’re exercising. Alone it has no proven links with weight loss, but it can boost your performance during a workout, resulting in more calories burned.

Best Thermogenic for Weight Loss: Swolverine Therm

Swolverine THERM Fat Burner



When it comes to weight loss, the term “thermogenic” is used to describe supplements that increase your ability to burn calories by promoting a faster metabolism and higher energy levels. (The body heats up when calories are burned.) Caffeine, green tea extract, and garcinia cambogia are common thermogenics.

A supplement containing many natural thermogenics is called Swolverine Therm. The formula’s notable components include guarana, yerba mate, green tea extract, and garcinia cambogia. A well-known thermogenic fat burner that has been shown to increase metabolism and reduce body weight in some people is green tea extract in particular. 100 milligrams of natural caffeine are also included in the formula, which should boost energy.

You’ll probably get better results if you take Therm while exercising because thermogenic supplements function best when combined with exercise.


PhenQ PM is the best nighttime fat burner.


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