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Increase Your Penis SizeNaturally…Safely…Permanently

The ProExtender® is designed to enlarge your penis, permanently. Our medical grade quality device made with surgical grade steel works by using the Traction Method. A clinically proven way to increase your penis size, both length and girth.

It’s easy to use. Simply wear the ProExtender at your leisure, day or night. And before you know it, you could see measurable results in just 2 weeks.

Clinical Study Results:Erection Length Increased Up To 29%& Girth Expanded Up To 19%


A shocking clinical study is opening up a new world of hope for men seeking natural penis enlargement. This study included 18 volunteers, using a medical-grade traction device for 6 months

The results?

A 100% success rate!

Each volunteer increased their penis size in both length and girth. In fact, results were achieved in just 2 weeks! And by the end of the study, the average erect penis length increased by 29% and girth expanded 19%!

Just imagine adding one FULL inch to your erect length and enlarging your girth by a HALF inch. That’s what you could expect using the ProExtender® for 6 months. And after that? Continue wearing the ProExtender® until reaching your desired penis size!

Enlarging Your Penis Without the Risks And Costs of Surgery

Penile enlargement surgery costs a fortune. With fees scaling $5,000… $10,000… $15,000 and beyond. But is it worth it? Not according to a study published in the European Urology medical journal, where 42 men went “under the knife” for surgery. The outcome? 65% of the men were unsatisfied.

And this is why more and more men are turning to the ProExtender® as a safe, cost effective alternative to surgery, using a clinically proven method to produce measurable results in just 2 weeks. Without coughing up a fortune… without risky side-effects… and without surgical scarring!

Enlarging Your Penis With The Traction Method.

The ProExtender® works by applying the “Traction” Method. This method refers to a gentle “stretch” applied to your member, while wearing the ProExtender®. This process of enlargement triggers a cell duplicating process (Mitosis) which multiplies penis cells resulting in an overall larger penis.

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