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Muscle growth. Physical strength. Bone density. Physical and mental energy. Cognitive performance. Libido. Low testosterone. All of these could be goals that would drive you to seek out a testosterone booster. Testodren is one supplement that could potentially fit the bill. But does it? We took a detailed look at the product and evaluated the different features a potential buyer would be interested in. The following review will arm you with the most important information you need to determine if Testodren is right for you.

What is Testodren?

PrimeGENIX Testodren (more widely known as just Testodren) is an all-natural testosterone booster that claims to boost testosterone by as much as 72.87%. It is formulated for middle aged men. Unlike many of its peers, Testodren is made from a single ingredient – a patented fenugreek seed extract. It promises to restore the day-long physical and mental energy that characterized your youthful years.

By elevating testosterone, Testodren enlarges lean muscle mass, increases physical strength, burns extra fat, shrinks the waistline, shreds physique, enhances endurance and accelerates workout injury healing. It also sharpens concentration, cultivates self-drive and decelerates the signs of aging.

Testodren is part of the PrimeGENIX line of products owned by the Canada-based health and wellness company Leading Edge Health.

How Does It Work?

Testodren banks on the broad health benefits of fenugreek seed extract. It contains more fenugreek per serving than nearly all testosterone supplements.

Testodren Benefits

Increases Endurance

The average adult’s typical day is an array of tasks that could encompass everything from office work and college classes, to housework and errands. As the day proceeds, some degree of fatigue is normal and expected. But certain levels of tiredness can inhibit your ability to realize daily goals including regular exercise.

Fenugreek seed extract is known to improve endurance. A study of 60 healthy men subjected to resistance training found that those on fenugreek supplementation showed positive effects with no side effects.

Shreds Fat and Shrinks Waistline

To get rid of a bulging waistline and realize that lean shredded physique, muscle growth must be accompanied by a near-corresponding reduction of fat. If these two do not happen in tandem, you will have a longer road to travel to your ideal body. Fenugreek seed extract has been proven effective in driving fat loss.

In one study, 60 healthy men were randomly placed on fenugreek and a placebo for 8 weeks. The individuals in the fenugreek group demonstrated a faster loss of excess fat and without loss of muscular strength.


Improves Sexual Health

Testosterone supplements are often careful to state that they are not fertility drugs or libido enhancers. Nevertheless, some may cause improvement in sexual health as a side benefit of increasing free testosterone. Fenugreek seed extract has shown some benefits for sperm health and libido.

12-week study of 50 men put on fenugreek supplementation found that 85.4% showed improved sperm count.


Testodren Ingredients

Furosap (500 mg)

Furosap is a patented seed extract of the fenugreek herb. It is standardized to 20% protodioscin. Protodioscin is the fenugreek ingredient that has made it popular in supplements. Fenugreek itself has been in use as food or alternative medicine for thousands of years. In the context of modern medicine, research has found that fenugreek supports testosterone production, improves sperm health, boosts cognitive performance, enhances mood, fires up sex drive and extends endurance. It also has benefits in lean muscle growth, physical strength, fat loss and red blood cell production.

Pros And Cons



Are There Any Side Effects?

Testodren is a single-ingredient supplement. That alone substantially reduces the risk of adverse reaction when compared to testosterone boosters made from a dozen or so ingredients. Further, that one ingredient – fenugreek seed extract – has been subjected to real world testing for thousands of years in its use as food or alternative medicine. Thus, Testodren has no known side effects if taken according to the recommended dosage.

That said, no two people have identical biochemical composition. Exercise due diligence by talking to a healthcare professional before you start to use Testodren. Do not take it without doctor’s approval if you have been diagnosed with asthma, prostate illnesses, kidney disease, diabetes or cardiovascular problems. The same applies if you are below 18 or on long-term medication.

Stop using Testodren as soon as you experience an adverse reaction and seek medical attention immediately.

Price And Offers

Customer Reviews

If you are looking for a celebrity endorsement, Testodren has none. Fortunately, such endorsements are never a fool-proof barometer on a product’s efficacy. You are more likely to get an accurate picture of its performance from the views of ordinary customers. 

Most Testodren buyers report a positive experience. Some of the benefits users highlighted with significant frequency include improvements in muscle mass, fat loss, energy levels and sex drive. A number of customers did find the supplement’s taste to be unpleasant.

Want To Try Testodren ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Testodren is designed to be used by the average person seeking to grow muscle mass, physical strength, endurance and reduce fat. Chances are that it should safely work for you too. Its efficacy is however conditional on combining it with healthy lifestyle habits.

You should see some changes in the first two weeks though the manufacturer indicates that your results are bound to improve the longer you take it.

Yes. Testodren is an all-natural supplement. Chances of adverse interaction with other testosterone boosters is relatively low. Still, if this is your first time taking any testosterone supplement, we would recommend you take Testodren alone for a number of weeks. That allows you to better evaluate its efficacy.

Also, using Testodren together with a supplement that also contains fenugreek could expose you to high amounts of this herbal seed extract leading to fenugreek toxicity. 

Testodren does not contain any stimulants and that includes caffeine. Stimulants are a popular ingredient in supplements for their ability to raise mood and enhance cognitive performance. Unfortunately, this temporary high is often followed by an energy crash hours later.

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