Sexual Dysfunction Evaluation and Consultation


A man’s experience with early ejaculation or erection dysfunction is bitter. A healthy sexual life would be negatively impacted, and a partner’s good love relationship could be harmed. Sexual dysfunction is actually a frequent occurrence. 52% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 have varying degrees of sexual dysfunction, according to research. You can get over sexual dysfunction and get back to a satisfying sex life with the right care.

In order for patients to fully understand their own issues before receiving further treatment, we offer doctor consultation and evaluation on sexual dysfunction. Following the consultation and evaluation, our doctor will assess the situation right away and offer advice on the best treatments (extra fees may apply for additional care). If our doctor recommends mixture therapy to a patient after the evaluation is complete, the patient will be given the most appropriate dosage. Always feel free to accompany your partner on the visit.

Examining one’s health and consulting a doctor

The patient’s health will be evaluated by our medical professional. Specific inquiries about your sexual issues, your relationship with your partner, and general inquiries like your smoking and alcohol use are all welcome. During the visit, questions will be asked. Bring a list of all the medications you currently take, or show the doctor the prescriptions. Discuss any surgeries you’ve ever had with the doctor. At the conclusion, a questionnaire must be completed.

The doctor will offer a professional opinion during consultation and recommend the patient’s best course of action (an additional fee will be charged for subsequent care).

The following questions will be asked of you during the consultation to help you understand your issue(s):

  • Do you believe you can get and keep an erection?
  • How frequently are your erections rigid enough to allow for penetration?
  • How frequently after being penetrated can you keep your erection?
  • Do you feel that your sexual performance is satisfactory?
  • What is the intensity of your sexual desire?
  • How frequently can you reach climax and ejaculate?
  • Have you had erections in the morning?

Biothesiometer and Doppler ultrasound evaluation

The physical state of the penile tissue will be evaluated using two diagnostic procedures:

1 . Biothesiometry of the Penile

Using an electromagnetic vibration device, this test assesses the sensitivity and nerve function of the penis’s glans and shaft. Any neurological deficit, such as neuropathy, which is frequently seen in diabetic patients after having prostatic or other invasive pelvic surgery and can result in impotence, may be accompanied by a decreased perception of vibration. A hypersensitive feeling, however, could also be a sign of uncontrollable or early ejaculation.

2.  Ultrasound Duplex

A test for ED is required because a propensity for uncontrollable or premature ejaculation will lead to insufficient rigidity/erectile dysfunction (ED).

The purpose of the test is to assess penis blood flow and forecast how well ED medications, such as vasodilators, will work. It enables the doctor to assess whether you have erectile dysfunction or insufficient rigidity of the inflow or outflow type. A probe with ultrasound transmission gel is placed on the base of the penis to assess the cavernosal arteries on either side of it using a duplex ultrasonography device. This examination is pain-free and non-invasive. An arterial inflow issue is indicated if the blood flow is insufficient. Additionally, the data will indicate whether you have a venous leakage or an outflow leak. Inflow and outflow issues may be present in some patients at the same time.

Based on the outcomes, the doctor will recommend the best course of action.

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