The Secret History of Male Enhancement Pills


The best sex pills for men are made from natural ingredients that have been proven to improve blood flow and enhance sexual performance. They also contain a money back guarantee to give customers peace of mind.

Nonprescription methods of penis enhancement range from potentially effective to downright dangerous. For example, jelqing involves hours of stroking and can cause painful Peyronie’s disease.


Many men believe that male enhancement pills help boost libido and performance in the bedroom. While some of these products may actually work, others can be downright dangerous. Before taking any male enhancement pill, talk to your doctor to find out if it could help you. If you’re having trouble with erectile dysfunction, your doctor may be able to prescribe a proven erectile dysfunction medication that is much safer than a male enhancement pill.

Most of the best male enhancement pills on the market are based on natural ingredients, including herbal extracts and vitamins. In some cases, these ingredients have been used in ancient times to increase libido and sexual power. In other cases, they have been shown to be effective in scientific tests, such as a study that found black ginger extract increased physical fitness performance.

Some of these male enhancement pills are even labeled as dietary supplements. However, some of them contain undeclared drugs, such as sildenafil and vardenafil, which are not allowed in dietary supplements. As a result, the FDA has classified many of these products as illegal drugs.


Male enhancement pills use ingredients found in nature to help men improve their performance in the bedroom. Most of these ingredients are known aphrodisiacs that have been used in herbal medicines and natural remedies for many years. Others, like saw palmetto extract and pine bark extract, can boost blood flow to the penis. Some of these supplements also contain vitamins and minerals that support overall health.

The best male enhancement pills have been tested and formulated by experts and doctors. These supplements are formulated using safe, natural ingredients that don’t produce side effects for most people. They are also manufactured in the US, ensuring that they comply with strict safety standards. Some of these products are also backed by money-back guarantees and offer discounts on bulk orders.

Some of these supplements may not work if you are taking medications that affect your blood pressure or heartbeat. These include nitrates, which are often prescribed for high blood pressure and heart disease. You should talk to your doctor before taking any sexual enhancement pills.

Some male enhancement pills contain hidden ingredients that could pose a risk to your health. The FDA has issued a warning for some products that contain dangerous drugs that are not listed on the label. These products can cause serious, even life-threatening side effects if taken with certain medications. The FDA maintains a list of these tainted supplements on its website.

Side effects

Many male enhancement pills aren’t transparent about their ingredients, and some of them can be dangerous. This is because they may contain ingredients that can interact with other medications you’re taking. It’s best to avoid these products unless you have a doctor’s approval.

Many of the top-rated male enhancement supplements have clinically proven ingredients. For example, ellagic acid can improve blood flow to the penis, which can help you get an erection when you’re aroused. It also helps you stay hard in bed longer by lowering your histamine levels, which are what cause premature ejaculation.

Male enhancement pills can also increase testosterone levels, which boosts libido and bedroom performance. This is because low testosterone levels can lead to ED and decreased energy. Many dietary supplements for men can improve sexual performance and boost testicular size. However, if you have severe ED or low libido, you might need a prescription medication to treat it.

Dietary supplements don’t go through the same rigorous testing and approval process as prescription medications before they hit the market. However, that doesn’t mean that they have no safety or effectiveness. For instance, in August 2019, a man suffered from hypoglycemia after consuming an over-the-counter supplement called V8 sold at convenience stores in Virginia. The poison center and treating physician suspected sulfonylurea toxicity, which is a type of medication used to treat diabetes.


Medications to treat sexual health problems like erectile dysfunction are typically prescription drugs that have undergone extensive testing and rigorous approval. However, many male enhancement pills sold at gas stations, sex stores, and other convenience outlets are not regulated by the FDA and may contain hidden active pharmaceutical ingredients. Some of these products have even been shown to be dangerous (Chiang, 2017).

It is illegal for any manufacturer to sell prescription drugs over the counter. But, that doesn’t stop some manufacturers from selling fake or tainted male enhancement pills. For example, in one case, the federal government found that a product called Resurrection Male Enhancement capsules contained sildenafil, tadalafil, and dipyrone, all of which are prescription-only drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction. These drugs can cause serious side effects if taken in high doses, and can also interact with certain medications.

Buying male enhancement supplements that have been developed or recommended by medical experts is the best way to ensure you are taking safe and effective medication. These products will be more likely to work, and they will also be free from harmful or ineffective ingredients. They are also more likely to be backed by clinical studies and research, so that you can feel confident about their effectiveness. You can find a list of tainted products that have been identified by the FDA on its website.

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